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Ez-Coil is the Patented #1 leader in hose reel safety & protection

COXREELS® EZ-T Series "Truck Mount" spring driven hose reels are the toughest hose reels in the spring driven line. The extra large chassis with dual pedestal-style arms and Coxreels Super Hub™ provides triple axle support while reducing vibration and strengthening the structural integrity of the reel. Making it perfect for off-road applications that demand reliability in the most abusive and demanding environments.


COXREELS® EZ-PC Series spring driven "Power Cord" reels are heavy duty, industrial grade power sources. They replace tangled extension cords and self-retract to increase safety, productivity and efficiency. Modeled after the P and SH Series, the PC Series are designed for long-lasting, trouble-free performance even under the most demanding conditions.

COXREELS® P-W Series spring driven "Welding" hose reels are the ideal solution for managing bulky twin line welding hose. The P-W Series, like the P Series, is more compact in size and shares the reputation for long lasting performance.

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2 YEAR WARRANTY Products manufactured by Coxreels are warranted for a period of two years from the date of sale to original purchaser.

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