TT25 co-owners:

John Wayne McNeil 

Bradley Miller

Kelly McNeil 

Kelly McNeil & his brother John Wayne McNeil started their family Off Road Desert Racing Team, McNeil Racing, just over 20 seasons ago. They are both independent businessmen with offices in Mesa Arizona. @TrophyTruck25 is a NEW chapter in a story that they are excited to tell.

Bradley Miller founder of Speedteq in Phoenix Arizona recently celebrated his 33nd year in Professional Motorsports. He has worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer & Metalurgist from F1 to Supercross. Speedteq has operated as a Sports Engineering & Marketing company through these years.



TT25 Team : 

L to R

Row 1 

Bradley Miller , Cameron Miller , Tommy Brown , Kelly McNeil , John Wayne McNeil, Steve Kelley, Carl Robinson, Duane McNeil 

Row 2 

Mitch McNeil 

Scott McNeil 

Not shown: 

Alexander Miller

Adam McNeil 

Gilberto Rameriz 

Kyle Dahlquist 

Mark Owsiany


Photo Credit : Kenny Jalet - Photos By Kenny / Chase Bradshaw 

 10/23/2017 TT25 Debut / Unveiling @ Geiserbros. Design & Development 


Photo Credit : Charlene Bower - Bower Motorsports Media / Ladies Off-Road Network